Sara & Matt Wedding

Peabody, MA

Sometimes things just need a little spark to get things going. A couple of years ago I bought a DSLR. I had a vision to use photography as a tool to make money. I had proper training in college — after all, it was my minor.

I took almost all the photography classes that I could as my optional courses during my college years and I fell in love with it. Somehow my photos always contained a “romantic theme” throughout, no matter how I shot it — or so my professor told me.

Sara and Matt’s wedding was the push given to me by my neighbors at the time, Matt Funamura and Kristina Iftikar. I owe the spark to them. The wedding was sweet, and it was a perfect day. The couple rented a barn in Peabody and  their wedding was intimate, with a close family feeling everywhere.

Thank you for letting me second shoot your wedding, Sara and Matt.


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