Jenna & Jimmy Wedding

Wedding Photographs tell stories of the greatest day of a couple’s life; the beginning of a new life together as husband and wife celebrated with friends and family. A wedding photographer has the honor of capturing the moments which the couple will treasure for the rest of their lives. It’s more than just clicking away with a camera. It’s being a part of the magic, behind the scenes, at the precise moments; it’s noticing all of the beautiful details, smiles, and tears, and capturing it all for the couple to treasure always.

To say this wedding was a blast to shoot is an understatement. Thank you, Jimmy and Jenna, for selecting me to capture your big day. I truly am honored and grateful to have been a part of it. And, thank you to my second shooter, Heather, for your excellent photo skills and talent. One more shout out to the great videographers that we worked with: Michael and Daniel from Focused Bliss.

I also had the pleasure of shooting Jenna and Jimmy’s engagement photos last fall, which allowed me to get to know them a little before their wedding. I feel very lucky for this, as they are both great people and have awesome personalities. It definitely makes my job a bit easier when I get to work with such great individuals!

The photos below relay the story of Jenna and Jimmy’s wedding. This post will be followed by a slideshow. For now you can relive this event through these photos.

Note: You may recognize Jimmy from the youtube video “cat friend vs dog friend”. If you haven’t seen this yet, be sure to check it out, it’s hilarious. Jimmy’s company, fatawesome, created the video which went viral in 2012.

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