Brittney + Anthony Wedding

There have been quite a few incidents in my past that have made me realize that life somehow fits itself together like a puzzle. The pieces might not seem clear at first, but in the end it all comes together into one big picture. This is one of those stories.

For half a year, Brittney’s mom, Lynn, who is quite possibly the sweetest and most hard working individual I know, has driven me in her shuttle back and forth to Quincy Center (the subway stop in Boston) from my residence building. A random conversation about my profession turned into a consultation, a friendship, and ultimately, a gig at her daughter’s wedding.

I’m blessed to have had the chance to shoot Brittney and Anthony’s wedding – not only because I’ve felt that their family has pretty much adopted me into theirs, but because it’s another way for me to say thank you for showing me what an amazingly close-knit family and network of friends can do for your life. This wedding is hard to describe, but the two simple words that I have in mind apply to both the ceremony and the couple: sweet, and fun. Enjoy!

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