Megan + Tom’s Wedding

There is always someone in your life that take your breath away. The person that you want to spend the rest of your life with because he/she makes you feel content, completely happy with yourself. I don’t believe that your significant other is your other half. I do believe that your significant other is a completely separate entity, an individual that is willing to stick it with you through the thick and thin, the hardship and happiness of this life. That person can and will make your life whole because you are able to be happy by being yourself and have this other person supporting you every step of the way, vice versa. This wedding is very special for me because not only that Megan is my sister and I am able to shoot her wedding. Also because I felt that she has found that person.

I love you Meg, thank you for letting me shoot your wedding and on top of all being an amazing and always supporting me regardless whether or not I have a plan or the lack there of (lol). I’ve seen you grow over the years and I can honestly say that Tom is a very lucky guy to have you.

I am happy for you and Tom, please take care of my sister 🙂

PS: The best entrance to a ceremony this year Meg on a canoe?!? can’t beat that!

November 13, 2014 - 2:15 pm

Anna Nicholas - Beautiful photos Renard – they bring me right back there. You were everywhere at once!

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