Zach & Jessi Lifestyle

Boston Commons

I met Zach and Jessi in front of the entrance to Park Street Station. We then walked around Boston Commons and ended up in Beacon Hill. There is no possible way to descibe the chemistry between these two. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, Zach and Jessi!

Sara & Matt Wedding

Peabody, MA

Sometimes things just need a little spark to get things going. A couple of years ago I bought a DSLR. I had a vision to use photography as a tool to make money. I had proper training in college — after all, it was my minor.

I took almost all the photography classes that I could as my optional courses during my college years and I fell in love with it. Somehow my photos always contained a “romantic theme” throughout, no matter how I shot it — or so my professor told me.

Sara and Matt’s wedding was the push given to me by my neighbors at the time, Matt Funamura and Kristina Iftikar. I owe the spark to them. The wedding was sweet, and it was a perfect day. The couple rented a barn in Peabody and  their wedding was intimate, with a close family feeling everywhere.

Thank you for letting me second shoot your wedding, Sara and Matt.