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Celina + Jonathan’s Engagement

Great photography involves much more than setting up a classic shot and pressing the shutter button. The ability toView full post »

Alyssa + Meghan’s Engagement

On October 12th of last year, I shot Alyssa + Meghan’s engagement in and around Christopher Columbus Park. I lovedView full post »

Hillary + Paul’s Wedding

Hillary + Paul’s love started after Paul saw Hillary’s “single” status on Facebook. ThroughView full post »

Anne + Jeffrey Engagement NYC

This past September I was lucky enough to shoot another engagement session in NYC. Best of all, I got to do it in theView full post »

Amber + Chas Engagement NYC

On August 2013, I went to NYC to shoot three engagements in the span of two days (more engagement posts coming soon!).View full post »

Courtney + Jeff Wedding

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2014. There is a lot to look forward to this year, especiallyView full post »

Leah + Patrick Wedding

Nothing that I can write could describe the feeling when shooting a DIY wedding full of spark and fun like Leah’sView full post »

Jessica + Robert Wedding

Oh dear, I’ve been wanting to post this wedding for a while now! Shot on July 13, 2013 at Robert’s familyView full post »

Photobooth Event!

Hi guys! Exciting news, our friend is promoting their business, Bloom Photobooth and they are having an event atView full post »

Tracie + Michael Engagement

One of the main reasons why I encourage future brides to consider doing an engagement session is for the chance to getView full post »

Elaine + Jamar Wedding

There are plenty of perks of being a wedding photographer, one of which is having the opportunity to meet couples in newView full post »

Gina + Tommy Wedding

We live through our emotions. Our ability to feel and love permeates throughout our daily life. Wedding day is one ofView full post »

Brittney + Anthony Wedding

There have been quite a few incidents in my past that have made me realize that life somehow fits itself together like aView full post »

Brittney + Anthony Teaser

I’m currently in the process of editing several weddings. I had to stop for a second to post this amazing weddingView full post »

Kathleen + Vincent Wedding

As always, being a wedding photographer is more than just being there to document the event. I tried to infuse as muchView full post »