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Holly + Lenny’s Wedding

Wow, I literally have no words to describe how beautiful Holly & Lenny’s wedding was. The wedding took placeView full post »

Zach + Jessi’s Wedding

This post is going to be very personal to me, Zach and Jessi has been truly one of the closest friends I have theView full post »

Rosie + Mike’s Wedding

I shot Rosie and Mike’s wedding in Topsfield, MA last year on July 27 2014. As a photographer we had to deal withView full post »

Jessica + Christopher’s Wedding

I shot this beautiful wedding last year on June 29 2014 and I still remember this wedding as if it was yesterday.View full post »

Nicole + Michael Wedding

Hi everyone, first of all happy new year! There are plenty of reasons why I love shooting wedding. One of the majorView full post »

Meghan + Matthew’s Wedding

As a wedding photographer, you have to accept that not all venues provide ideal conditions. Part of the job requirementsView full post »

Tracie + Michael’s Wedding

Finally! I have the chance to post new content for you guys! Sorry for all the delays, this year’s wedding seasonView full post »

Katie + Bryan’s Wedding

Every wedding day is different, there is not one wedding day where the sun rises the same way or the way the cloudView full post »

Meredith + Neo’s Wedding Photo Session

It is customary for engaged Chinese couples to have a complete photo shoot while donning their wedding attire, well inView full post »

Meredith + Neo’s Wedding Photo shoot Teaser

This year I learned that it is customary for Chinese couples to hold a photo shoot in full wedding attire prior to theirView full post »

Laura + Jeremy’s Wedding

Marriage is the true, ultimate sign of devotion that a loving couple makes together. In dedicating the rest of theirView full post »

Yelena + Graham’s Wedding

Art can be divided into an infinite number of categories, and artists produce an infinite variety of styles. WeddingView full post »

Hillary + Paul’s Wedding

Hillary + Paul’s love started after Paul saw Hillary’s “single” status on Facebook. ThroughView full post »

Courtney + Jeff Wedding

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2014. There is a lot to look forward to this year, especiallyView full post »

Leah + Patrick Wedding

Nothing that I can write could describe the feeling when shooting a DIY wedding full of spark and fun like Leah’sView full post »