US Captain Navy Retirement Ceremony

For over 20 years in the Navy as a Medical Researcher my step dad rose in rank to captain and now had a chance to retire. I’d like to tell a story about myself before I delve deeper into sharing these photos. I lost my biological dad in the battle against cancer when I was 11. When I lost him, it was as if the world was ending. I didn’t know what to do at that time; all I wanted to do is to become like him and make him proud. The worst part then was seeing my mom suffering. She had just lost someone that she had loved throughout most of her life.

Shortly after my dad passed away, my mom met my step dad and he brought my brother and I to America when I was 13. My step dad has loved me unconditionally. Without his sacrifices and his love for my mom, I wouldn’t be here. He taught me discipline and helped us to live here. I happily took up the challenge to document his retirement ceremony and the subsequent reception party afterwards. Thank you for everything, dad, and congratulations.

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