Yelena + Graham’s Wedding

Art can be divided into an infinite number of categories, and artists produce an infinite variety of styles. Wedding photography is no different; so much can change depending upon the artist holding the camera. Through years of experience, I have refined and developed my own approach to the craft. One such approach is to shoot as would a ninja: hidden in the background, silent and separate from the actual events occurring around me. In this way I am able to capture some of the rarest, most raw moments that otherwise go unnoticed. Another favorite method is to shoot closeups of hands and other details, zooming in on subtle ways that couples express their love and cementing the memory of every piece of their special day. Back in June of last year, I shot Yelena + Graham’s wedding held in Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. I know I will always remember this ceremony for the exceptional beauty found in its combination of Scottish customs with those of a traditional wedding.


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