Meredith + Neo’s Wedding Photo Session

It is customary for engaged Chinese couples to have a complete photo shoot while donning their wedding attire, well in advance of the wedding itself. Meredith and Neo chose to have their photo session in Boston before the official ceremony in China this November. I found this tradition to be thoroughly enjoyable as a photographer, as I got a full day to take my time shooting this gorgeous couple, setting up proper lighting and composing every shot in just the perfect way. Those who have shot with me will know that I use Rapidbox 26″ Octa as a soft box, and off camera flash SB910 triggered with pocket wizard wireless unit. Having the time to use these lighting sources to their full potential offers a huge advantage, and the result speaks for itself.

Plato once said, “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” Meredith and Neo’s love, affection and playfulness truly shined throughout this photo session. I absolutely adored their energy and unmistakable passion for each other. Just as a poet would, they wrote verse after beautiful verse with their caring gestures and love for each other. I truly loved this session, and also Meredith and Neo. I wish them the best always.

Meredith + Neo’s Wedding Photo shoot Teaser

This year I learned that it is customary for Chinese couples to hold a photo shoot in full wedding attire prior to their actual celebration date. I was lucky enough to learn this from Meredith and Neo, a delightful couple who chose to have their session done in Boston Common, Public Gardens and Bathing Beach, Hingham. Please enjoy this teaser from their gorgeous session last weekend. Enjoy guys!

Laura + Jeremy’s Wedding

Marriage is the true, ultimate sign of devotion that a loving couple makes together. In dedicating the rest of their lives to each other they accept a responsibility, to understand one another, to find the strength to overcome anything that comes between them. Laura and Jeremy tied their knot on April 5th 2014 in a rustic and enchanting location: Sapphire Estate in Sharon, MA. Originally, we thought it would be a rainy day, but in the end we were blessed with a soft white sky and a gentle warm sunset. As always, Mother Nature showed she can provide better lighting than any photographer could ever do alone, and she certainly set a beautiful backdrop for this couple. Thank you again for including me in the start of your wonderful life together, Laura and Jeremy. Thank you also to my second shooter, Katherine Henry from for her amazing support and talent.

May 14, 2014 - 11:31 am

Harriet Brotman - Loved what you wrote!

Zach + Jessi’s Proposal in Boston Commons

Zach and Jessi has been part of my life for quite a while now. Through the happiest and saddest of times they have been supporting me without any questions. This post today is very meaningful for me because of the fact that this proposal and engagement is a long time coming. Congratulations to you both! may your life be blessed with happiness and no shortage of love. Zach, well done getting the live band and tricking Jessi into coming.

May 11, 2014 - 6:51 pm

Eli Fitch - Beautiful pics! Congratulations you two!

Yelena + Graham’s Wedding

Art can be divided into an infinite number of categories, and artists produce an infinite variety of styles. Wedding photography is no different; so much can change depending upon the artist holding the camera. Through years of experience, I have refined and developed my own approach to the craft. One such approach is to shoot as would a ninja: hidden in the background, silent and separate from the actual events occurring around me. In this way I am able to capture some of the rarest, most raw moments that otherwise go unnoticed. Another favorite method is to shoot closeups of hands and other details, zooming in on subtle ways that couples express their love and cementing the memory of every piece of their special day. Back in June of last year, I shot Yelena + Graham’s wedding held in Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. I know I will always remember this ceremony for the exceptional beauty found in its combination of Scottish customs with those of a traditional wedding.